Research Interests

Political Economy, Public Economics, Applied Theory.


"Social Class and (Un)ethical Behavior: Causal versus Correlational Evidence" with Elisabeth Gsottbauer, Daniel Müller, Samuel Müller, and Stefan T. Trautmann, Economic Journal 132 (2022), ‍2392-2411.

"Agenda Control and Timing of Bill Initiation: A Temporal Perspective on Coalition Governance in Parliamentary Democracies" with Thomas König, Nick Lin, Xiao Lu, Thiago N. Silva, and Nikoleta Yordanova, American Political Science Review 116 (2022), 231-248.

"Incumbents' Performance and Political Extremism" with Marina Dodlova, Journal of Public Economics 201 (2021), 104473.

"Electoral Accountability and Interdistrict Competition," American Economic Journal: Microeconomics 10 (2018), 143-176.

"Party Discipline and Government Spending: Theory and Evidence" with Marta Curto-Grau, Journal of Public Economics 164 (2018), 139-152.

"Electoral Competition under Costly Policy Implementation" with Dimitrios Xefteris, Social Choice and Welfare 50 (2018), 721-739.

"Lobbying as a Guard against Extremism," B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy 17 (2017), 1-17.

"Non-Monotonic Group-Size Effect in Repeated Provision of Public Goods" with Chengsi Wang, European Economic Review 89 (2016), 116-128.

"Political Cronyism," Social Choice and Welfare 44 (2015), 473-492.

"The Welfare Effects of Location and Quality in Oligopoly" with Luis C. Corchón, B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy Topics 13 (2013), 1143-1178.

"A Political Agency Model of Coattail Voting," Journal of Public Economics 95 (2011), 1652-1660.

"Computing Welfare Losses from Data under Imperfect Competition with Heterogeneous Goods" with Luis C. Corchón, International Journal of Industrial Organization 27 (2009), 646-654.

Survey Articles

"Introduction to the Special Issue Political Games: Strategy, Persuasion, and Learning" with Gabriele Gratton, Games (2020) 11, 10.

Working Papers

"Information and Communication Technologies, Protests, and Censorship" with Maxim Ananyev, Maria Petrova, and Dimitrios Xefteris.

"Can Public Policy Increase Paternity Acknowledgment? Evidence from Earnings-Related Parental Leave" with Anna Raute and Andrea Weber.

Work in Progress

"Prime-Ministers' Role in Legislative Policymaking" with Thomas König, Katsunori Seki, and Thiago N. Silva.

"Economic Voting of the Wealthy Hand-to-Mouth" with Hélia Costa and Zoe Kuehn.

"Political Economy of School Reforms" with Martin Karlsson.

"Political Polarization in 19th-century Prussia" with Thomas Bauer and Matthias Westphal.


Podcast on Social Media and the Survival of Autocracies, 2019.


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